5 star review  The ToyoMotors team demonstrated professionalism and knowledge from beginning to end. Took the car in for general maintenance, and was informed of (and shown) repairs I should address now (to prevent more complex and costly repairs later) and repairs I could delay for the next scheduled maintenance. I appreciate the honesty. My car feels smooth and responsive; I could not be happier. Thanks to all at ToyoMotors.

    thumb Juan Rivera

    5 star review  Had an amazing experience with them. Everyone from the front desk to the mechanics and the manager were super friendly, honest, and professional. They went above and beyond to fix my car. In addition, the communication was also great. They explained in length what my car needed, what they could do now, what could be left until later and why. Definitely left with a better working car, and a better understanding of my car as well.

    thumb Haroon Waseem

    5 star review  I have been going to Toyo Motors since 2019. I have had great service. They are honest and unlike other mechanics they don't invent problems for them to fix. Will continue to service all my vehicles there.

    thumb Shakil Zaman

    5 star review  Highly recommend! Great service, super friendly. Not the experience I typically expect from a mechanic, so we've been thoroughly impressed and will continue to bring our cars there.

    thumb Forrest Harris

    5 star review  Best service ever... have been with them for 15 years for all our family car needs... Syed and his team are the best!

    thumb Nozer Buchia

    5 star review  I was referred to Toyo by a coworker. They replaced my wheel bearings for half of what the dealership charged and diagnosed a problem the dealership had overlooked. They are trustworthy, kind, always patient with my questions and easy to get in to make an appointment; no waiting for weeks. I can not say enough good things. I hope they never change their way of operation because they are a rare gem of a business in today’s world.

    thumb Janet Cazares

    5 star review  ToyoMotors has been my go-to auto repair shop for a while now, and every time the service is fast, efficient, and professional. Friendly staff that always provides detailed feedback and recommendations. Thank you for your service!

    thumb katrina citizen

    5 star review  Best auto shop in Houston... great service, friendly staff, experienced service people... syed is the best.. same trusted service

    thumb Nozer Buchia

    5 star review  Great customer service. The staff was informative on letting me know what repairs I needed. Will definitely come back.

    thumb Raleesia Elmore

    5 star review  The BEST place ever to get repairs done quickly with fair pricing. When you walk through the front door, the person at the desk greets you with a smile and welcomes you in. They have serviced my Lexus 460L and LX570. Customer service is TOP priority for this company as it it demonstrated from the front to the back door. I HIGHLY recommend them for ALL types of vehicles.

    thumb Dorethea Rose TX-Houston

    5 star review  I made an appointment through the chat to have my A/C fixed. They responded promptly that I could bring my car in on Saturday. When I arrived I was greeted immediately. The shop is very clean and the staff is friendly. I dropped my car off and was called after the car was fully diagnosed seeing that it was my first time using this shop.l They let me know the issue with the A/C and that the front brakes needed to be done also. I was given a quote which I agreed to so the work could begin. The work was done well and in a timely manner. I will definitely be using them for future car needs.

    thumb Alyya Abdur-Rahman

    5 star review  Today was my first time going to their establishment and from the time I pulled in it was great. First, cleanliness, inside and out, second. Friendly staff, the owner came to greet me in person. Third, I was given a thorough walk through of what my repairs would be and an actual cost. No hidden fees, everything was up front. I don't care if I am their only customer Ihave found my home of repairs for my Lexus. Very well done!

    thumb Troy Thomas

    5 star review  Great place all around!! Friday night, I sent an email asking for a quote, both cv axles on my wife's 99 camry 3.0L, around 8 pm. They responded a couple of hours later, not expecting it. I found that out Saturday morning and said they could get it done Saturday. Dropped it off 8:30 am and it was ready by 11:25. WOW!! They changed the power steering rack boots too! They're very customer oriented, informative, and conveniently kept in contact through email and messages. I like that very much! The gentleman at the front desk was very cordial and polite. 👍👍 Two thumbs up service!! Highly recommend ToyoMotors! Manny

    thumb Manny Ponce

    5 star review  The customer service here is fantastic and the price is great. Everyone is friendly and to the point, and they only fixed what needed to be fixed and nothing else. The bill was lower than what was quoted over the phone, and way less than I expected. I have brought both of my cars here and will continue to be a patron.

    thumb Hal Twitty

    5 star review  If you are looking for trustworthy auto repair or auto maintenance, ToyoMotors is your place! I have been a PROUD customer for well over 10 years. The staff is amazing and attentive to every need. Staff members are only as good as their leadership and the owner, Syed, is one of a kind. He’s a consummate professional with many years of experience. His knowledge and expertise is unmatched. You will never get the runaround at ToyoMotors. Everyone is patient, up front and honest about your car repair or maintenance needs. Give them a try, you will NOT be disappointed and tell them Kim sent you!

    thumb Kimberly Williams

    5 star review  WOOWW!! My forever shop!! HONEST. Reliable. Safe. Morally sound. Incredible customer service!! Can't say enough about this place. Mechanics are infamous for overcharging and taking advantage of us costumers and much more, but not this one! Such a relief to have found this one! I've referred a few others and they are returning customers too! I assure you, you will not regret bringing your vehicle here for all your maintenance!! Just try them!!

    thumb Amaina Shah

    5 star review  Great, knowledgeable mechanics and friendly staff. They were able to fix 90% of my issues at half the cost of what dealership wanted. Good communication. Courtesy shuttle was a plus.

    thumb S fen

    5 star review  I have always had a nonstressful time at ToyoMotors. Sure I'm bringing my car in for repairs, but I could afford to pay the bill going here. I wish I could have found them 15 years before I did. Could have saved thousands. Would not have been cheated by dealerships showing me that dirty filter they keep on the shelf "claiming it's mine". Anyway, I'm even more happy for their new location. Feels like they got it more for the customers than for themselves. Even with the new place, their prices are just as affordable. ToyoMotors always eased my grief of getting my car fixed.

    thumb mary broussard

    5 star review  Raza is the man. When I had a minor accident, I went to his shop and had the body repairs done and him and his team did an awesome job fixing the car. The car looks like it's brand new. I would recommend him for anyone who is looking to get any kind of body repair. Good people 🙂

    thumb Ali Syed

    5 star review  This place is amazing! The employees are professional, courteous, and most importantly efficient. I work weekdays so it’s nice to find a fast place that open on Saturdays! Look for Samuel at the front desk! Very knowledgeable and patient! He answered all my questions, taught me more about my car and always asked permission before doing anything. Being a female and knowing nothing about cars, I found it comforting that he explained everything and didn’t just push for a sale. Will be coming back here from now on!

    thumb Miss Aiya

    5 star review  Never really knew any general knowledge about my vehicle or believe anyone would care, but these guys really do care. I trust them with any of my motorized needs. The service advisor really is genuinely understanding of my needs and their whole team as well!

    thumb thatboikle

    5 star review  Extremely professional and courteous staff. They go out of their way to help and have very reasonable pricing. I have been a customer for many years and really appreciate their customer service focus.

    thumb Talib Dhanji

    5 star review  Great experience, great service. Sam took very good care of me and explained everything very well from what work they were doing to the breakdown of the pricing and costs. Definitely will come back here for my needs!

    thumb Terrence W

    5 star review  Syed and his team are very diligent in their services. Not only are they cheaper than the Toyota dealer, but also manage to complete repairs the same day. They also offered me a ride home and back when my vehicle was ready. They keep in constant contact throughout the repairs, give detailed information of what went wrong and also show you all the old parts. Definitely recommend them to japanese car owners.

    thumb JAMAL RIAZ

    5 star review  ToyoMotors is a great place to go get your car work on, if you're have major or non-major problems!! They will get the JOB DONE! They've helped me out so many times!! They're reasonable, honest, nice, and timely!! The staff is awesome and professional!! Thank you ToyoMotors!!

    thumb Sha

    5 star review  I have been going to Syed for 5 years and counting and I currently drive from Richmond to have my cars services by his team. In those 5 years I have never had even a minor issue in terms of trust, quality of work or service, every experience has been outstanding. I'm consistently in awe of Syeds knowledge of all the intricacies of my vehicles and his humble approach to customer service. This shop is a gem in Missouri City.

    thumb Mohammad Momin

    5 star review  My AC stopped working on my car in the middle of summer this year and I went to the dealership but I found a better price at Toyomotors. This facility has professional technicians and I trust the people who work there. They give fair estimates, and work well in communicating with you on the work done on my car. I was so pleased I have been able to return to use them for body work on both of my cars. The service here is far better than I expected. I would highly recommend them as your neighborhood car repair/maintenance facility Thanks Syed and your team for assisting me.

    thumb Racquel McKee

    5 star review  I am so glad that finally found super honest and professional automotive repair facility since last 21 years of living in Houston. Mr. Syed is such a gentleman and humble person. They work on my Infiniti Control Arms, Suspension and major paint and body work which cost me 30% less than anywhere else. Quality of work was unparalleled. Facility cleanness deserve 10 stars. Communication from whole staff id amazing. they notify you every step of the way for working progress. Thanks you Mr. Syed for taking care of us and please keep up the good work!

    thumb Adnan Jilani

    5 star review  Syed and his crew are the only people I will trust with any of my Vehicle repairs. I drive all the way from Katy because I know I will be in good hands. The prices are competitive and the quality of work and service is top notch. I never feel pressured into any repairs as he thoroughly explains and breaks down your issues in order from most to least severe. I highly recommend everyone here!

    thumb Mikey C

    5 star review  Once again, I am indebted to Syed & the Toyo Motors crew for taking good care of me! I went in for a simple oil change, but they found a bigger problem that would have stranded me. My vehicle is 21 years old, so it should be past it’s useful prime. But, they have helped me keep it on the road. I highly recommend Toyo Motors. Dave Seals Longtime & Loyal Toyo Motors Customer

    thumb DaOvaseea

    5 star review  The staff is very professional and provides all the information necessary to make an informed decision on what work your car needs. They answered all my questions and worked quickly.

    thumb Kimberly Riley

    5 star review  Best auto shop in Houston... great service, friendly staff, experienced service people... syed is the best

    thumb Nozer Buchia

    5 star review  Syed makes sure that you fully understand the work that’s going to be done on your car and is always helpful. He’s honest and doesn’t push you to get unnecessary service done. Rates and service are both great. I highly recommend ToyoMotors.

    thumb Chirag Sakhuja

    5 star review  This business does exceptional work! I just got my 1989 Toyota 4x4 pickup back. It was old and things were breaking down and then blew a head gasket. Sayed and his technicians have done a fantastic job practically restoring it. Driving it home made me feel 30 years younger.

    thumb David Burkett

    5 star review  I just had state inspection done on my truck. I've been coming here since it was still at its old location in Sugar Land. I'm impressed with the new and bigger location. The front office is nice and the waiting area is bright and spotless with plenty of space. Big screen TV and a huge vending machine. Restroom is clean. Plenty of parking space. State inspection went quick! 5 star definitely!

    thumb Hermie Tolerba

    5 star review  Very pleasant customer service and very through as they did their work and kept me in the loop of what was wrong and things that should be fixed for my safety. I will definitely be going back in the future!

    thumb Ebony Johnson

    5 star review  I just had state inspection done my truck. I've been coming here since it was still at its old location in Sugar Land. I'm impressed with new and bigger location. The front office is nice and the waiting area is bright and spotless with plenty of space. Big screen TV and a huge vending machine. Restroom is clean. Plenty of.parlong space. State inspection went quick! 5 star definitely!

    thumb Hermie Tolerba

    5 star review  Toyo Motors has been my goto service center for about 5 years. They have made it possible for me to keep my 1999 Rodeo on the road. Great service & pricing. Highly recommended.

    thumb David Seals

    5 star review  Went to this shop yesterday had a conversation with the owner Syed Jaffar for my Honda Pilot enquiry. He's a thorough professional and presentable guy also gave us a walk through his entire shop. Would definitely take my car in the near future with Toyo Motors.

    thumb Imran Balwa

    5 star review  Samuel Lopez was really helpful and kind. He never gave me the run around and the repair I needed was affordable.

    thumb Shawn Wallace

    5 star review  I would highly recommend this auto repair shop. I have been a customer for the past 5 years and have been pleased with the service. The owner is honest and is very helpful. I have never felt taken advantage of and the work has always been done right. The team really goes above and beyond.

    thumb Tiffany Parker

    5 star review  I love this place and always feel comfortable when I take my vehicle in for service. My entire family goes here for automotive needs. The owner is a really good and honest guy!

    thumb Jamila Moore

    5 star review  Excellent service. Clean shop. Nice waiting area. Friendly staff. Most importantly they honored my 10am appointment and my car was in the bay at 10am sharp. Got me taken care of quickly. ToyoMotors owner is trustworthy and is in the work area along side with staff to ensure quality. Highly recommended!!!

    thumb Syed Akhter